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America gave their all in a beautiful show

Marie Pace from Bonita Springs, Florida
20th January 2023

America is precious to anyone who followed the music of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s …..,they are still with us! Beautiful individuals presenting one of the best rock concerts around. DO NOT miss this show!! A superb performance by all band members . Entertainment at its very best!

Great Show!

Scott Bailey from West Springfield Ma.
3rd April 2019

It was a great show , Gerry and Dewey's vocals were spot on. The musicians with them were excellent! Very glad we went, great venue as well!

America Concert June 2023

Steve from Arlington, Texas
5th June 2023

It was essentially a great show with spot on vocals and musicians. Most of their song choices brought back great memories and were performed as if time had never passed. I dropped off a star because the side video monitors were not on, so we could not view the entire video display that was going on behind the band. If the venue is going to sell ticket all the way to each side of the auditorium, they should be running the monitors so everyone has a chance to see what is going on behind the band. Most of our group thought "Ventura Highway" was the best, but my personal favorite was "A Horse With No Name". Studied for a lot of college tests with that playing in the background. I also wish they would include "Donkey Jaw" from the first album, but that's okay - the song selection was still pretty good.

Great performer, very poor venue

Pam Williams from Detroit, Michigan
25th January 2020

The performer himself was awesome! Peter Noone from Herman’s Hermits was funny, entertaining, excellent, and we thoroughly enjoyed the show, but the venue itself leaves little to be desired. First off we pulled in and it was utter chaos from the beginning! $5 to valet or $5 to self park (on the other side of the building), wow, what a deal. We decided to self park because we were early and thought we’d wait in the car for a bit. About 20 minutes before the doors were supposed to open we went in and that’s when the fun began...NOT! It was utter chaos, no one in the lobby guiding people to where we were to pick up tickets, no one trying to form a line for entrance, just tons of people pushing their way into a pretty small lobby. Eventually a line seemed to form, by no help of any staff member, and wound back and forth in the lobby, but as soon as the doors opened everyone turned and just started to rush the door. Talk about anxiety attack waiting to happen! It was crazy! Then the “will call” was just a lady standing at the doors asking names and looking in a list for the name. Wow, this could have been SO much more efficient had we been able to pick up tickets at a different window or even print them online. The line to get in was very slow, pushy, uncomfortable, and very unorganized. Once inside the showroom, we were crammed into rows of seats/tables, 10 to a table, barely able to move. My husband and I sat across from each other and our knees were touching and our plates of food didn’t even fit entirely in the table, they hung off a bit. I’m glad the show was not very long because there is no way I could have sat crammed in there like sardines like they had is. It was very uncomfortable! The food we ate was pretty good and the service wasn’t bad, but its not good enough to get me to go back there.